Banco de Crédito Cooperativo

  • El The Customer Service, internal and independent, responsible for managing and solve the complaints and/or claims related to the interests and legally recognised rights, either derived from the contracts, the regulations on transparency and protection of the customer or from the good practices and financial uses, put at your disposal the following postal address and e-mail:

    Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar
    Plaza Barcelona, nº 5 04006 Almería

To submit a complaint and/or claim in writing, you have at your disposal a Complaint and claim form. If you prefer to submit it electronically, you should do it by using those means that allow the reading, printing and saving of the documents and also according to the requirements established in Law 59/2003, of December 19, on electronic signature.

The responsibilities of this Service are properly defined in the Regulations for the defence of the customer (in Spanish), which provides, among other circumstances, that the complaints and/or claims submitted shall be attended in the term of two months from the date of submission.

In case of disagreement with the resolution dictated by the Service Customer, you may go to Claims services, provided that submitting of complaints and/or claims before such Services shall be previously and compulsory done before the Customer Service.

For further information, please visit the section called Banking customer portal of the Bank of Spain website:

The complaint or claim handling before any of the indicated bodies is incompatible with any other means involving administrative, arbitration or litigation proceeding.

Current legislation on operations transparency and customer protection.