Grupo Cajamar brings forward unemployment benefit payments to 3 June

28 de Mayo, 2020

Since April, the bank has paid unemployment benefits by the Record of Temporary Employment Regulation early at no cost to its customers affected by lay-offs

For the third month running, the cooperative bank Cajamar has brought forward unemployment benefit payments to its customers to 3 June at no cost to them. This measure, which sees customers being paid a week earlier than normal, has been introduced to help them deal with the effects of the coronavirus crisis and also ensure withdrawals of the cash needed are more gradual.

Grupo Cajamar institutions have also been paying unemployment benefits by Record of Temporary Employment Regulation early since April, fee free, to customers who have been furloughed due to the current circumstances. Under the scheme, workers who are Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar customers and had their salaries paid directly into the bank do not have to wait for the lay-off proceedings to be concluded, which can take up to two or three months and can receive an advance of up to €1,500 at zero cost, until the benefits are paid into their account.

This measure is just one of several of the Grupo Cajamar's social initiatives including: consumer and mortgage loan payment holidays, no cost deferment of rental payments on foreclosed assets, zero-commission cards, free cash withdrawals from non-Cajamar ATMs, a higher contactlesspayment limit of €50 without having to enter a PIN, and advance payment of pensions.

In order to avoid having to visit a branch, Grupo Cajamar recommends customers contact their managers by telephone or via online banking or the mobile app, which they can use to directly perform transactions and exchange information or documentation securely and immediately through the 'Connect with my manager' service.