Grupo Cajamar customers can get an advance on their unemployment benefits, on 4 May.

22 de Abril, 2020

Grupo Cajamar customers can get an advance on their unemployment benefits, which will be credited on 4 May. The aim of this measure, which brings the payment date forward by one week, is to help soften the effects of the coronavirus crisis and ensure that essential cash withdrawals are carried out in a staggered way.

Customers who have been furloughed as a result of the current circumstances through a Temporary Suspension of Employment (ERTE) can also get an advance on their unemployment benefit, at no cost, thanks to Grupo Cajamar. That way, they do not have to wait until ERTE furlough proceedings have been concluded, which can take up to two or three months. To qualify for this advance payment, customers of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar must have previously had their salary paid directly into their account. They can receive up to 1,500 euros in advance, at no cost, until the ERTE furlough payments are set up for their account.

Grupo Cajamar has also developed other social initiatives such as mortgage payment holidays, the deferral of rental income from repossessions, card issuance without any fees, free cash withdrawals at ATMS belonging to other banks, an increase in contactless payment limits on cards up to 50 euros, and advances on benefit payments, among others.

Furthermore, Cajamar is offering extended one-year grace periods on special finance facilities available to businesses, SMEs and the self-employed so that they can meet any needs caused by the COVID-19 crisis. These loans and special lines of credit are geared towards the payment of bills, wages, cash flow or other liquidity needs, including tax or financial liabilities. We are offering very special conditions, with a capital grace period of up to one year and a repayment term of up to 5 years.

Cajamar is rolling out these financial solutions to support businesses, SMEs and the self-employed through the complex current circumstances. It is also offering extensions on repayments of short-term loans and bridging loans; ICO credit facilities, customisation of fees on returned cheques and promissory notes; eliminating and reducing fees on PoS terminals; and expanding finance for exports and imports.

In order to avoid unnecessary journeys, Grupo Cajamar advises customers to contact their managers by phone, through online banking, or the mobile app, allowing them to operate directly and exchange information and documentation instantly and securely through the service 'Mi gestor conecta’