Whistleblower channel

The Whistleblower Channel is a tool that Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar has established to prevent, detect and facilitate the reporting of any breach of internal or external regulations, guarantee the confidentiality of reports and the rights of the informant and the person affected, as well as to enable the presentation of reports anonymously.

Who can report?

Employees of any Group entity, interns, workers in training periods, employees whose contractual relationship has ended, candidates for a job, directors, agents, suppliers, members and customers.

What can be reported?

Any act, behaviour, action or irregular event that may constitute a breach of our Code of Conduct, as well as any of the Group’s internal rules or external laws and regulations applicable to our activity. The informant is at liberty to identify themselves or not, understanding that all reports, anonymous or otherwise, will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

The Whistleblower Channel is not a means of communication for investors nor is it a Customer Service channel for customers or potential customers to file complaints or claims.

Detail of situations that can be reported through the Channel

How to make a report?

Reports can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through the website of BCC or any of the entities that are part of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar using this application which guarantees confidentiality and anonymity.

At the request of the interested party, reports can also be made in person.

In addition to the aforementioned means of communication, the interested party may contact the competent authorities (among others) (BdE, CNMV, DGSFP and BCE, entre otras), a las institutions, bodies of the European Union and the Independent Authority for the Protection of Informants.

Principles of the Channel and rights of the informant and the affected person
Data protection