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07 may 2021

Grupo Cajamar records profit of €14 million while continuing to bolster coverages in current economic context

Solid performance in its business fundamentals allows the Group to set aside €512 million —more than its entire gains on financial transactions— to expand coverages, provisions and impairments, and continue paring non-performing assets and strengthening its solvency. (read more...)

05 feb 2021

Grupo Cajamar reduces profit to bolster coverage and provisions

Its balance sheet and income statement point to the business performing better, more lending, a rise in retail funds, a decrease in non-performing assets, a reduction in foreclosed assets, a smaller NPL ratio, higher NPA coverage ratio and greater solvency. (read more...)

17 dic 2020

CDP recognizes Grupo Cajamar as one of the leading companies in climate change management

Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar has obtained the Leadership category from the international organization Carbon Disclosure Projet (CDP), with an A- assessment that positions it among the leading and most advanced companies for its performance and transparency of its environmental management. (read more...)

15 dic 2020

Grupo Cajamar joins the European Payments Initiative (EPI)

Twelve Spanish financial entities, including Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, join the EPI to create a European payment solution project. (read more...)

05 nov 2020

Grupo Cajamar increases its performing loan book 9.2%, with a focus on corporates and the agri-food sector

Results as of September 30 reflect the solid business evolutions, the decline in the NPL ratio and non-performing loans and the increase in capital, improving the solvency and CET1 ratios. (read more...)

08 sep 2020

Grupo Cajamar, the best Spanish financial entity in management of environmental, social and governance risk

Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar has received the second best global rating, only behind Rabobank, out of the 378 entities included in the diversified banking sub-industry (retail banking) ranking, granted by Sustainalytics, an international benchmark in the issuance of sustainability rating reports. (read more...)

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