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05 may 2022

Cajamar Group doubles net profit to €29.5 million

Growth of commercial activity and reduction of non-performing assets at 31 of March, 2022 contribute to improvement in the balance sheet and increases in coverage and provisions, and in solvency.... (read more...)

28 abr 2022

In 2021, the financing provided by Cajamar to businesses and households had an economic impact estimated at €9,197 million of income and 160,390 jobs

Financial activity, in terms of contribution to public coffers in the form of taxes and Social Security contributions, represents an impact of €3,854.2 million.... (read more...)

07 feb 2022

Grupo Cajamar posts net profit of €62.6 million, up 163.6% after bolstering its balance sheet

Income generation and a paring back of non-performing assets (NPA) contribute to boosting coverage, provisions and solvency.... (read more...)

18 ene 2022

Grupo Cajamar among the 50 best global companies in ESG risk management

Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar has received the ‘Top Rated’ distinction that accredits it among the 50 companies with the best global rating for its management of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks, granted by the Sustainalytics agency after having rated more than 14,000 companies from 42 sectors. In turn, this recognition has allowed it to obtain three differentiating seals that place it as a reference entity at a Global level (ESG Global 50), at a regional level (ESG Regional) -European- and at an industrial level (ESG Industry) -banking industry-.... (read more...)

05 nov 2021

Grupo Cajamar boosts profit to €62.3 million, triple that at the end of 2020

Revenue generation and a decrease in non-performing assets key to the successful management of the organisation this year, while higher provisions and coverage were set aside and solvency also improved.... (read more...)

02 sep 2021

Grupo Cajamar places 500 million euros of senior preferred debt

Banco de Crédito Social Cooperativo-Grupo Cajamar today placed its first issue of senior preferred debt in a total amount of 500 million euros, maturing in March 2028, with demand reaching 1.6 billion euros. In view of the enthusiastic market reception, the coupon was finally set at 1.75%, lower than originally planned.... (read more...)

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