What we do

The financial activity of is oriented to the service of all the economic sectors and population, attending the financing needs and demands, savings and investment of the partners and customers of its shareholder rural banks, making all kind of activities, transactions and services typical on the banking business in general, without forgetting the financing needs, savings and investment of the family economy, professionals and self-employed, and small and medium companies. In addition, a special attention is dedicated to local productive sectors, to social economy and especially to food and agriculture sector.

As head of the Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, its objectives are based on the improvement of the service to its customers, the establishment of common policies, the financial stability of the entities that integrate it, the representation before the regulating bodies and the best compliance of the business objectives and of the legislative requirements. This way, the BCC continues the trajectory and way of doing that has placed the Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar as the first Spanish credit cooperative group.

The reality of this commitment, together with an adequate strategy of diversification, growth and expansion has made that BCC is considered an innovative, efficient and entrepreneurial entity, with a multichannel management model that combines the most advanced technologies and the direct personal attention through the branch network of the Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar.