Board Members

Board of Directors
Office Name Counselor type First time elected Shareholder it represents
Chairman Luis Rodríguez González Dominical 28.01.2014 Cajamar Caja Rural
Deputy Chairwoman Marta de Castro Aparicio Independent 28.01.2014 -
CEO Manuel Yebra Sola Executive 28.01.2014 -
Member Juan Carlos Rico Mateo Dominical 28.01.2014 Cajamar Caja Rural
Member Joan Mir Piqueras Dominical 28.01.2014 Cajamar Caja Rural
Member José Antonio García Pérez Dominical 28.01.2014 GCC entities other than Cajamar
Member Bernabé Sánchez-Minguet Martínez Executive 16.06.2015 -
Member Maria Teresa Vázquez Calo Independent 16.06.2015 -
Member Antonio Cantón Góngora Independent 15.11.2016 -
Member Rafael García Cruz Executive 07.05.2019 -
Member Antonio Carranceja y López de Ochoa Independent 07.05.2019 -
Member Ana Núñez Álvarez Independent 09.06.2020 -
Secretary (no director) Francisco de Borja Real de Asúa Echavarría 28.01.2014 -
Vicesecretary (no director) José Manuel Morón Martín 28.01.2014 -

All appointments of members of the Board of Directors and Managing Directors or similar positions, since the Appointments and Remunerations Committee was set up (previously the Appointments and Remunerations Committee), have been agreed and approved.