This section shows the ratings issued by the ratings agencies to Banco de Crédito Social Cooperativo and Cajamar Caja Rural. Ratings awarded can be revised, suspended, or withdrawn by the rating agency at any time.

Banco de Crédito Cooperativo / Cajamar - Current Rating
Agency Long term Short term Outlook Date
S&P BB B Positive 25-Nov-2022
DBRS BB (High) R-3 Positive 19-Dec-2022

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Group Issuances Ratings

BCC Subordinated Debt - Current Rating
Agency Rating Date
S&P B 25-Nov-2022
DBRS BB (Low) 19-Dec-22
Cajamar Covered Bonds - Current Rating
Agency Rating Outlook Date
S&P AA Positive 20-Jul-22
DBRS AA(High) (*) 8-Jul-22

(*) DBRS does not provide outlook

Cajamar Caja Rural S.C.C. intends to maintain the over-collateralisation figure required by S&P Global Ratings to ensure that the ratings of Cajamar's bonds achieve the maximum possible increase based on collateral.

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