Responsible Purchasing

We are aware that the responsibility and sustainability concept is not confined to its own actions but globally depends on the whole supply chain and, by extension, of the value chain.

This pillar is based in two main principles joint responsibility and transparency. With these principles we recognise on the one hand our joint responsibility to the rest of the supply chain and, on the other hand, we are committed to establish relationships with our suppliers based on contractual transparency and fairness. In these relationships, as transversal strategy, we generate awareness mechanisms that allow spreading the principles and values of this Ethical System to its main suppliers.

compras responsables

In this sense, the entities of the Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar , when contracting with suppliers, is governed by the principles of good faith, transparency, economy, equity and responsibility, bearing in mind the implementation of corporate social responsibility policies, respect for human rights and environmental preservation by providers in the selection process of them.