Responsible finance

We conceive the responsible finances as the translation of the creation concept of shared value and business ethics to the core of its activity: risk and finances management. Responsible Finances, as the second pillar of the Ethical System are supported in two principles: the prudence and the responsibility.

finanzas responsables

Prudency: We pretend to respond with responsibility, as well as a management based on prudence and aimed to guarantee the solvency and the strength of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar. This principle of prudence is materialized in all its business areas and particularly in:

  • A prudent and responsible risk management in its four phases: analysis, granting, monitoring and control.
  • Control of irregular asset.
  • Control of contracting margins.

Responsibility:for our Grupo Coopeativo Cajamar the fields of application of the Responsible Finances will be confined to the following areas:

  • Risk responsible management. Identifying, quantifying and reducing the possible risks of the financial activity from a perspective of a risk global management.
  • Proactivity in the fields of regulatory compliance and application of control mechanisms, implementing policies, measures and instruments both preventive and palliative.
  • Protection of the partners and customer interests, due to the complexity of the financial products, ensuring that financial product and services are adapted to their needs and to the investor profile.
  • The socially responsible investment (unwanted links).