Values and principles

    Our values:

  • Transparencia
    This is related to making stakeholders aware of information that is relevant to them to identify, measure, and mitigate the risks they incur and which arise from the Group’s activity. It involves clearly, explicitly, rigorously, and truthfully conveying the objectives, pretensions, and procedures of the entity so that such information is subject to public scrutiny and the general assessment of society.
  • Integridad
    This refers to moral fortitude, honesty, duty, conviction, and scrupulousness as qualities of the Group's conduct. It entails acting decisively so that the organization remains true to its nature, its origins, its convictions, and its vocation, bearing in mind stakeholder expectations.
  • Diversidad
    This refers to observing, respecting, and valuing the plurality of interests, perceptions, beliefs, ways of thinking, capacities and sensitivities, both within the organization and in society as a whole.
  • Responsabilidad
    This refers to the proper identification, assessment, and assumption of the consequences of the Group’s actions, bearing in mind the obligations undertaken and stakeholder expectations.

    Our principles:

    There are two types of principles: those derived from the nature of the Group on the one hand, and those derived from its commitment to stakeholders and society as a whole on the other.

    The principles derived from its nature of the Group are the principle of cooperation and the principle of social economy.

    • Cooperation
      Pooling of efforts, knowledge and resources by community members (stakeholders) to achieve greater mutual benefit, greater efficiency, and greater equit.
    • Social Economy
      It combines economic-financial, social and environmental performance with the development of the territory and local production systems based on the cooperative model.

    The principles derived from its commitment to stakeholders and society as a whole are the principle of caution, the principle of efficiency, the principle of shared value creation, and the principle of sustainability..

    • Caution
      Actions must be opportune, well thought through, fair, adequate, proportional, and moderate to reinforce the security, solvency, and strength of the Group, as well as the benefits offered to society as a whole.
    • Efficiency
      Optimisation and efficient allocation of resources, achievement of objectives and adaptation of resources to objectives according to the criterion of economic rationality and cost-benefit analysis.
    • Shared value
      Seeking mutual benefit between the Group, stakeholders, and society as a whole.
    • Sustainability
      The principle of precaution and the avoidance of passing unnecessary burdens (financial, social, environmental...) onto future generations is applied.

    Ethics of Closeness

    The concept of closeness, through its multiple expressions and manifestations, is present transversally throughout the Group’s Ethical Management System, in each of its elements, defining an ethics of closeness based on knowledge and mutual benefit between the Group and its stakeholders (shared value creation).

    Principles of the ethical management system