Values and principles

    Our values:

  • Transparency as a fundamental pillar in the relation with the interest groups, in which the ethical behaviour of the organization must be supported.
  • Integrity based in the professionalism, rigor and effort in the performance of professional labour that shall be engaged with fundamental values as honesty, fairness and sense of responsibility.
  • Diversity as a way to understand that any difference is an opportunity and the diversity management promotes the motivation and creativity, and hence innovation and professional efficiency.
  • Responsibility responding and incorporating in a balanced manner the expectations of our interest groups.

    Our principles:

  • The cooperation principles as a way of sharing resources to achieve common objectives and the principle of social economy based on reconciling economic development and social progress, are the fundamental principles of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar.


    The Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar understands cooperation as the sharing of efforts, knowledge and resources by all members of the community (interest groups) to achieve greater mutual benefit, greater efficiency and greater equity.
  • To this general principles should be added those that in particular develops the Ethical Management System of Banco de Crédito Cooperativo.

  • valores y principios