17 nov 2023

DBRS upgrades credit rating of Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, Cajamar, and Banco de Crédito Social Cooperativo to BBB (low) with stable outlook

The agency notes that the upgrade reflects the enhanced quality of the Group’s assets and its strong capital position... (read more...)

06 nov 2023

Grupo Cajamar reports earnings of €93.3 million, up 18.3%

P&L growth and an improvement in credit quality have further strengthened the Group's position based on prudent management, with an increase in provisions and an improvement in solvency and liquidity.... (read more...)

05 sep 2023

Grupo Cajamar places an issuance of 650 million green senior preferred notes

Grupo Cajamar has placed today, Tuesday, September 5, through Banco de Crédito Social Cooperativo, 650 million green senior preferred notes with a maturity of six years.... (read more...)

04 ago 2023

Grupo Cajamar increases net profit by 23.6% in June

The profit and loss statement reflects the positive trend in recurring income, the steady improvement in portfolio credit quality and the strengthening of the Group’s solvency and liquidity position... (read more...)

21 jun 2023

S&P raises the long-term rating of Cajamar and Banco de Crédito Social Cooperativo to BB+ with stable outlook

The agency anticipates that Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar will continue to improve its earning capacity, profitability and efficiency, while preserving its asset quality.... (read more...)

08 jun 2023

EIB and Grupo Cajamar will direct €980 million in new financing to Spanish SMEs and mid-caps in rural areas and to green projects

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar have signed a purchase agreement of a €350 million covered bond issue... (read more...)

05 may 2023

Grupo Cajamar posts net profit of 24 million euros in first quarter

An increase in sales activity and continuing improvements in asset quality help further clean up the balance sheet and bolster provisions, while boosting liquidity.... (read more...)

09 feb 2023

Cajamar places an issue of covered bonds for an amount of 750 million euros

Cajamar Caja Rural has completed the placement of a new issue of 5-year mortgage covered bond, maturing on 16 of February of 2028. The amount of the issue has been 750 million euros and the orders received have surpassed 1,600 million euros, with demand exceeding supply by 2.2 times.... (read more...)

06 feb 2023

Grupo Cajamar net profit rises to 80 million euros in 2022, an increase of 27.7%

Highlights of the year are the recovery in revenue from the core banking business, the reduction of non-performing assets and the NPL ratio, the strengthening of coverage and provisions, and the improvement in solvency.... (read more...)

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