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23 Sep 2019

Grupo Cajamar ratifies its support for United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking

Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar entities agree to align their business model with Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement... (read more...)

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08 Ago 2019

Grupo Cajamar raised its income by 4.1%, to ?47 million, on the strength of the corporate business and agri-food sector

Growth in turnover and revenue, the reduction of non-performing risks and foreclosed assets, and the containment of operating expenses raised capital adequacy and improved the cost-to-income ratio in the first half of the year... (read more...)

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20 Feb 2019

Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar endorses the Principles for Responsible Banking

Luis Rodríguez, chairman of Banco de Crédito Social Cooperativo-Grupo Cajamar, said today that the United Nation Environment Programme's Principles for Responsible Banking are in line with the business model and ethical management system of the Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar.... (read more...)

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08 Feb 2019

Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar allocates 87% of its new lending to agri-food sector and enterprises in 2018

Solvency and asset quality have improved over the last year, as have business fundamentals and efficiency and recurring net income before provisions deriving from higher net interest income and lower administrative expenses... (read more...)

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27 Dic 2018

EIB, EIF and ICO sign an agreement with Grupo Cajamar to provide over EUR 1bn to SMEs and the self-employed

The EIB Group, BCC-Grupo Cajamar and ICO are joining forces to ensure that SMEs working in rural areas and agri-food companies can access the credit they need to invest... (read more...)

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