Ethical marketing

In defining our financial solutions we start with the real needs of our partners and customers, creating proposals of transparent and accessible value that facilitate their existence in short, medium and long term, taking into account their life cycles and the needs of each one of them. In its design, we aim to avoid transferring unjustified charges from the present to the future generations through inequitable or disproportionate financial and insurance mechanisms.

The elements of our financial solutions must reflect a fair and equitable price to absorb the operative costs, the associated risk to them, besides of the ordinary profits, taking into account the economic-financial viability from the point of view of interests the interest not only of the Group but also of their partners and customers.

Our financial solutions provide the financial, economic and environmental efficiency, making them accessible to all people in our sphere of influence, through different channels. In the distribution field and in the most generic of the financial inclusion, we take especially note of the goods and service provision in rural areas.

The Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, of which Banco de Crédito Cooperativo is the head entity, is committed to perform a non-invasive, complete, accurate, transparent, accessible and understandable commercial communication for the users, taking into account the profiles of them, both from the point of view of financial training and from the point of view of risk tolerance.